Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome Home!

Ahhh, it's good to be back! Though I love traveling, there is nothing like my own bed!!  We were on the road all week and it was absolutely delightful!! Yes, even the driving - the ever-changing scenery and a good audio book can keep me happy in the car for hours!! 

A week in AZ with my entire family, bookended by two days of driving and sight seeing, was just what I needed!! The weather in AZ was perfect! Mid 80's - mid 90's.   The resort full of opportunities for swimming, putt putt, tennis, running on mountain trails, water volleyball, laying out with a good book and a fruity drink, and lazing in the lazy river!  The food was great at times and average at others but it was NOT prepared by me nor cleaned up by me which is HUGE!

To think that yesterday we were hiking in Arches Nat Park under sunny, 85 degree skies, enjoying the warmth of the sun on our tanned skin, the amazing views and the wildly varied landscape, only to wake this morning in Colorado to mild weather with clouds over the mountains that soon rolled in obscuring everything in sight by dropping huge snowflakes and swirling them in all directions is a bit shocking!!!!  

No, no... I'm ready for warm spring! Not the spring that kills my peach buds and prevents me from baking peach crisp, putting up peach jelly and just enjoying the perfect peach off the tree this summer!!  I was actually enjoying the 67 degree weather as we drove through Vail last evening even though I knew it meant that the death of another fabulous ski season was fast approaching!  Now I hear it's snowing so much up there that they closed I-70!  Ohhh... were I stranded in the mountains with my skis, this wouldn't be so frustrating, but as I'm here at home unable to play in it, with work to do and reality to face.... well, mamma ain't that happy! 

No pics today or recipes, I just have too much to do!  :(  The fun stuff will have to wait! I just wanted to say "hi" and welcome myself back home as best I could when I would still rather be.... on the road!!

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