about me

Who am I?

I am a greatly loved, highly-celebrated, precious, princess-daughter of an amazing God who is not only the Almighty King of the universe but also my tender-hearted father. And if I ever really "got" that, the truth of who I am and how much he loves me and celebrates me, there is no telling the effect it would have on my life and those around me. 

I am married to a fit, friendly, and funny man who is loyal, faithful and generous.  I have three gorgeous boys that keep me CRaZy busy, constantly stumped, and boisterously belly laughing!  I am the daughter of two very loving, gracious and giving parents.  I am sister to two wildly confident, stunningly beautiful sisters and to the most handsome, generous and selfless brother.  I am ridiculously blessed by my friends, always happy to make a new one, and somewhat unsure that I have enemies. (No need to set me straight on this point!)

I love midweek ski days both on the water and in fresh pow; I love wine and cheese on the driveway with my neighbor girls watching the kids play football in the street; and I love classic chocolate pie made from a homemade custard with rich, decadent, bittersweet chocolate!  

My job is....n't a job, my hair is...n't naturally this color, and my age is...n't anywhere close to 27, but you can't tell me that!  I won't believe you!  

I run, bike, and occasionally swim - yes, I have done a tri or two, one on a mountain bike with no seat (which may be a story for a later date).  I have completed a half marathon and enjoyed the training way more than the run, which is why I'm training for one now that I likely won't run! (updated 1/13: I did!) 

I used to play keys and sing in a band, but gladly gave that up to give time to my kids. I got a master's degree in Exercise Physiology, but gladly gave that up to be a mom.  There were days well before now when I used to keep my house clean, but... I... gladly gave that up, too.

My hope in the future is that my boys grow up to be strong men who love God more than anything else in this life b/c with that priority taken care of, everything else will fall into it's right place.  My hope is that Dave and I will live love to each other and those around us and that that love will be deeper and stronger, richer and fuller with each passing day.  My hope is that those of you reading my blog will be humored, entertained, provoked to think a little differently, encouraged to eat a little more passionately, and blessed in ways you wouldn't expect from the simple words put on these pages.

Thank you for reading! I really do value you!!