Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And the old becomes new...

There is something precious about making the old, new again.

When I was just a wee thing, my mom took old Coke bottles and created three regal wise men presenting gifts to their King in flowing, shimmering robes.  

I'm sure in the early 70's this was the best way to recycle glass! However, with today's methods, I'm not so sure!  Regardless, I'm thrilled my mom created these guys! They hold a special place in my heart.  So when she was about to do the unthinkable, I pounced and gave them a new home!  Since then, these guys have come out every year in their spectacular glory to help me celebrate the holidays!

Old bottle, new life.

Discarded and forgotten
A couple years ago, it was time for my sweet grandparents to make "The Move" from their home of many years, dressed from top to bottom with heart-warming memories, into a smaller place with little upkeep required.  Imagine the treasures found in the basement and attic as they prepared to downsize!! My favorite treasure...?  Two boxes of old glass ornaments!

These are the real deal!! They are gorgeous!!! They hung on my grandma's tree for years before she packed them away to be replaced by the newer and shinier versions. But now they have a new home, displayed in a new way as the jewel of my mantel, the piece de resistance, in all their old grace and simple charm.

Old ornaments, new life.

Old to new
And this is the will of Him Who sent Me, that I should not lose any of all that He has given Me, but that I should give new life and raise them all up at the last day.  ~John 6:39

Why wait for that last day!?  New life lies just a decision away! 

Look closer! What's your trash? It can be recycled!  Just put it in the hand's of the master creator. 

Have you been discarded and forgotten? Run into the arms of the one who loves you to death.  There is an empty spot on His "mantel" awaiting your arrival as the piece de resistance! 

This is the hope and joy in the season! This is why we celebrate Christmas! This is the reason for His birth!  

Old cross, new life.  

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